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Annual Youth Conferences


The ECCK Annual Youth Conference is an annual event by ECCK youth ministry .

 The ECCK Annual Youth Conference is an annual event by ECCK youth  ministry . Over the years it has always been a wonderful experience for  ECCK as our youths gather for their annual conferences. Our focus on  mentorship and leadership development over the last two years has left a  great impact in the lives of our youngsters, and its quite encouraging  to see what we have been learning been applied by our young people in  their respective churches. We've had great and prolific speakers who  have taken their time to teach us and also mentor our youngsters to be  great and responsible people. It is our desire to see our youths growing  wholistically in their knowledge of God and also being impactful to the  world around them. We envision a youth ministry where our youngsters  will draw wisdom, experience God's Love, grow in His Grace, and most of  all experience the Joy of Salvation as they get their lives sold out to  Christ.

We look forward to great and refreshing moments  this year when we gather at Evalyn Memorial High School in Naivasha for  our annual conference, starting from 3rd to 8th December, 2019. We trust  that the Lord will enable many to attend. 

Things to look out for:

1. Life changing messages and teachings from Gracefully annointed men of God

2.Powerful praise and worship moments

3.Great prayer and intercession experience 

4.Fun,Games and sports

5.Social activities eg cleaning and a visit to the park. 

Please stay tuned for more details 


Pastor Patrick Karanja 

ECCK Youth Leader

(Phillipians 4:13

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength) 



Praise the Lord. 

By the Grace of God, we ended our annual youth conference yesterday.

A  record 117 youths from ECCK churches and some other churches attended  the event in Naivasha. Our theme for this year was drawn from the book  of 1Peter2:9 THE CHOSEN GENERATION

We had several  speakers whose messages revolved around that theme and our youths have  been taught and we expect great transformation. Our prayer is that  they'll maintain the fire and go out there and live for Christ and  indeed portray kingdom lives that will glorify God and also to become  useful gems in their respective churches. We also had fun doing some  team building activities and also visited lake Naivasha. Most of them  have left and some are already home. 

This morning the last batch is leaving.

We  would like to thank all the churches that stood with us financially  during the event and all those that sent their youths to Naivasha and  those who also prayed with us.

We also thank Pastor Paul Macharia for supporting us financially and for supporting some youths to come to the conference.

Pastor  Melvin of Rolling Hills Covenant church also mobilized for us a record  108 Bibles which we gave to all our youths who didnt have Bibles and to  the New converts in Naivasha.

Our appreciation goes to the Naivasha church for hosting us and making sure we were well taken care of during the event.

To  all the Pastors who turned up to speak and be with us-Pastor John  Warari, Pastor Somon Kiruri, Pastor Simon(associate pastor Naivasha),  pastor Steve Ongaga, Pastor Wilson Kabuu, Pastor Ephraim and Mrs Pastor  Warari, may you all feel appreciated

As the youth leader am really encouraged and can proudly say it was a successful event.

I will post the final list of churches that gave financially towards this event later in the day.

May the Lord bless you all and keep you.


Receive Calvary greetings dear friends,

I trust the Lord has kept you well. I thank God for His faithfulness and provision so far.

December started as a busy a great month for us and God has so far been good.

From  3rd to 8th December, we had a very successful ECCK National Youth  Conference which was held at our Naivasha Emmanuel Community Covenant  Church. the event brought together a total of 127 youths  drawn form  several of our churches across the country. We also had other youths who  came to the event. It was a really refreshing and learning moment for  all of us as we listened to several speakers who delivered messages  revolving around out theme of THE CHOSEN GENERATION- which was drawn  from 1Peter 2:9. Our youth had a great time in the presence of the Lord  and it was such a great joy for me and other ECCK youth leaders seeing  the kind of growth we have experienced since I took over the youth  leadership three years ago. Indeed we have seen the hand of God and his  guidance even though the journey hasn't been easy. All we can do is to  bless the Lord for His Grace and faithfulness.

This year,  our churches really supported us financially and by sending their  youths to the event which was a big encouragement and testament that  something is happening in our churches. churches also participated in  raising transport money for their youths and the response was just a big  blessing.

We also got a donation of 108 Bibles from  Christian Resource International, through Melvin Ardon. it was a  glorious moment as we presented the Bibles to our youths and to around  15New Converts who gave their lives to Christ during our two-day open  air crusade. Melvin, may our good Lord really come through for you and  your family, and the ministry at large.

Pastor Paul  Macharia, I really appreciate your support and mentorship to me  personally during the time I have been the youth leader. Your financial  contribution this year went a long way into helping us archive our dream  conference this year. may the the Lord richly bless you.

Next  year, the focus is on mentoring other youth leaders to take over from  henceforth and by God's grace, and through help from other ECCK leaders,  we want to build a formidable team that will take on the dream and lead  our youths to their God-ordained destinies while holding to the word of  God as the light. Serving God in this ministry has been one of my  highlights in my service to God.

Thanks to everyone that has encouraged and partnered with us in this journey. The Lord bless you all.

Attached herein is a pictorial of the events in Naivasha - you can use this link to access them


Pastor Patrick Karanja